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  • Late Happy Birthday! I've been away since Christmas that's why I'm so late. Happy New Year as well!
    Welcome back Jade! How have you been? I missed you. :)
    Looking back here, I see I called you Jade. Did you change your username? I remember you as Excella only
    So I understand Forest Speyer had no important role, but you liked him alot anyway? I need to get RE1. But I don't have a PS One, hopefully it's not too awkward to use pc keyboard and mouse.
    Ah, so that's why I didn't see the forum! Than you. The forum is hidden unless you register. I guess they're not out to get as many new members as possible then.
    Good morning. :)
    I wanted to check out the REFan forum you mentioned, and I found residentevilfan.com but that site doesn't have a forum? Even Steve praised the site, but from what I can see that site doesn't come close to REN.
    I'm not sure I found the correct site?
    'Allo! That's no trouble at all! I just need you to PM me the password or email address associated with your Excella account (just to verify that that is you) and then I'll update your current account and be able to change your username for you. =]
    Ok sorry about the re4 thread, sometimes its harder to think what people mean on the internet.
    Welcome back to REN, Jade. :) You registered two and a half year ago, and almost all of your 75 posts are from yesterday and today lol. Did you become gold member now? Nice profile picture, you're pretty. :)
    Not a problem darlin'. I apologize for the rudeness you met in that thread, that behaviour usually isn't the norm here. :)
    Yeah same here I live in Miami
    And i am usually on a little later like around 10ish and stuff
    Lol i never got into PSH, never really knew what it was for, but i am pretty sure it's fun with people.
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