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Recent content by ESPOMAN


    Your favorite lines and quotes from the Resident Evil series

    Leon's Bingo line in RE4 is my favorite. Though The Jill Sandwich line is in second place.

    Favorite Resident Evil Game

    Either the Original 1 or 2. It is pretty hard for me to decide which one I like more between them. I like the setting more in RE1 but 2 has the 4th survivor and Extreme Battle which I like a lot. So I think I will choose 2.

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) Which Original Scenario Pair Do You Prefer?

    I like Claire A Leon B more. I think Irons has a better death in Claire A and I think it makes more sense that when you are first in the sewer with Sherry that you see Birkin instead of Mr. X. I will say that I like Ada's last scene in Leon A a lot where the guy is not loaded. Also Sherry being...