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Edge Stylez
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  • lol sorry I forget your not good reading english. i mean like this.

    "Kevin knew how they were able to see without eyes. They had a heat sense ability and their tongues were perfect to get a scent of their victims and they use those tongues of theirs to wrap it around their victim's necks and snaps them. He watched as they arched down getting ready to pounce on them their tongues whipping at them aggressively. Kevin sat her down slowly and took the gun from her slowly.

    "Stay still.", said Kevin as he c0cks the guns slowly. "They won't go after you if you stay still.", he added as he runs off.

    The Lickers roared with anger as they run past Aileen not wanting a standing target they wanted the one that was running. Kevin looked behind him and saw that the two are following him. He turned around and runs towards them firing the guns aiming right for the head."
    Yeah I love that show it follows so close to Resident Evil. :p I'm surprised that you didn't ask about my Rank "Super Weapon" :p

    My character is Kevin Redfield and he's infected with the T-Virus but it changed him to a weapon. He's a lot like Alice from the movie.
    Same here just trying to live a normal life after Raccoon City. *shakes hands*

    I'm doing good just chilling in my dorm. By the way I love your Avatar is that the guy from Walking Dead?
    Hi! I'm sorry about the spam filter, I don't understand why it picks up your posts. But I've now approved both your posts and hopefully the filter is "learning". This doesn't happen often.
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