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Recent content by echoey

  1. echoey

    Resident Evil Zero Anybody playing zero for the first time with the HD remaster?

    I feel the same way. The game does take awhile to get into.. the footsteps bother me slightly, all the foot steps sound the same and it sounds tacky... the background noise isn't great.. eh I'm wondering if I'll even bother playing this till the end ;/ One thing I'm unsure of is the map.. I...
  2. echoey

    Ask The Person Below You A Question

    Ip man vs 10 black belt's in the film Ip Man. A link to the clip is in my signature if you click on the writing.. but I'll post the gif up. EDIT*** OH CRAP YOU SAID SQUEAL... I thought it said sequence... my bad... Errrmmm Terminator 2 Samurai's or Ninja's?
  3. echoey

    Favourite Bad Movies

    Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo He charges 10$ but he's willing to negotiate xD
  4. echoey

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    More of a Streets of Rage guy myself.. heh heh. Familiar to Altered Beast. Golden Axe is pretty neat.. Can you jump on the Dinosaurs and spit flames and stuff? Or did I smoke some bad gear? Jk I didn't smoke anything I'm just a nutter. I do have memories on Golden Axe. Riding Dino's and killing...
  5. echoey


    Banned because you are the inspiration for a crime caper. I enjoyed that post up there more then I enjoyed L.A Noire. xD
  6. echoey

    Resident Evil 5 anyone dislike RE5?

    This game was awesome when it first came out. I played it all the time. I knew this one secret where you could throw a grenade off a balcony and bounce it off a sign post to land next to a locked door bellow to blow the lock off. I use to do that online and people would freak. Not saying this...
  7. echoey

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    When irresponsible adults let teenagers on the Internet, Netflix & Chill, and many other crappy memes started to flood the internet. This was probably festering just after the year 2010. Roughly. Maybe. Im just being a grumpy guy assuming things. What's scary is I almost asked my mate to come...
  8. echoey

    Uncategorised First-time RE HD remastered player

    You should do this. v New Game. Select Character: Chris Redfield, Select Difficulty, Mountain Climbing. If all fails just leg it, at least you might be able to say at the end you beat it on the most difficult setting on your first playthrough, plus if you complete it fast enough you'll get a...
  9. echoey

    Ask The Person Below You A Question

    I'm sure a master Jedi would tell me what I was before I even knew myself. But lets humour this question. I'd like to say good, but I'm a incredibly misguided foolish dude and I'd probably kill or lock away to many people to call myself good. I get awfully mixed up inside when I think about...
  10. echoey

    Your most played games currently ?

    GTA V Online - literally the only thing I'm playing nowadays.. My character looks 100% dyke. I got those custom licence plates for all my custom whips and I got a badass crew and we robbin banks all the time. Doesn't really feel very for-filling though, quite a empty game. I do like all the free...
  11. echoey

    Ask The Person Below You A Question

    Digital. I'm more of a Digital dude. Always looking at my Iphone or whatever device I have on me for the time. Anolog is really dapper though. All the best fancy watches are anolog. EDITTTT wow I have no idea what's happened I was replying to a old post, plz ignore this post for now. But my...
  12. echoey

    Conor McGregor is the new champ!

    Banter/Trash Talk, call it what you wanna call it, I doubt Aldo enjoyed it as much as Coner and it went on for a long time. If Aldo spoke to Coner like that I doubt Coner would shrug it off. Then again Aldo doesn't even speak english.. But if he did and said something to Coner I'm Pretty sure...
  13. echoey

    Show me your face

    Might as well post my ugly mug seeing as I don't know many of the new people. So yeah, Flattery and charm is my speciality. Naaat. I'm sure I can see my brain in this picture, whoops no it's just a bogey.
  14. echoey

    Hello from S.D.

    Hello, Hi, Hello Hello, Hi. Welcome. Enter The Survival Horror.
  15. echoey

    Conor McGregor is the new champ!

    Ayee, The secret to being Champion is to never lossee!! I watched as well, Wow.. before I say all this stuff I got to say, I wanna clarify Coner trains f-ing hard. He might look small and be a featherweight but holy crap he probably has less then 10% body fat, This dude is made of muscle and he...