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    Show me your face

    Got one myself. Named him Ruffles.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Happy New Year everyone!
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Hello, I am the dynamite lizard. Nice to meet you. :P I'm happy I found this place because there really aren't many active online forums anymore, but sadly it's hard to find the time to post.
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    Gaming Confessions!

    I can't beat The Talos Principle because I is dumb.
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    Song covers that are better than the original

    I think Stand by Me deserves a mention. The original was incredible but Florence gave it a breath of fresh air. Better in some ways I feel.
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    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    Thing is I never got into the first game. I'll definitely be playing it after I finish the 2nd game though. I didn't expect such a beautiful story from the people at Rockstar. Most of what I played from them has been GTA and I never took those stories seriously.
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    What's everybody playing?

    Red Dead Redemption 2. It's heavenly.
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    To our dear departed...

    Can't show any photos right now. Had a little kitten pass. I loved him very dearly. I'm up late at night now because it really haunts me. Little fella must have been thrown from a car, dropped off by someone. He had internal injuries. I worked like hell to save his life after I found him. In my...
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    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is my Game of the Decade. Rockstar killed it. And this is coming from someone who isn't really into westerns, and wasn't even planning on playing the game.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I will never go Black Friday shopping again.
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    What Are You Listening to?

    Pachelbel: Canon in D Major One of the most gorgeous arrangements of all time.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    You know, I run a lot of 5ks/10ks/Half Marathon and the occasional full marathon. They're always giving out these stickers that say 26.2 or 13.1... You get the idea. I've never been able to put one on my car. It's just like.... What's the point, you know? :P
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    Gaming Confessions!

    Honesty Jen, I'm not sure. It's been a while since I played it. Just didn't really get into the story, or the characters. I remember disliking the gameplay too. Was it turned based? If so, I need a really good story to get into those. Sorry if I'm wrong. Like I said, it's been years. I could...
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    New lizard fellow....

    Thanks everyone for the welcome! Am enjoying it, just very short on time at the moment so haven't really been able to explore.
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    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    That's the one Dino Crisis game I'm missing. Got the first two. Will probably one day get it just to say I own it. Have heard terrible things though. :P