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Recent content by dasdasdasd

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    Unpopular Opinions

    I have a question: could they have made a different game all together containing this mold thing in res7? Also, why not the same about Las Plagas in res4.
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    Resident Evil 4 Red 9 vs Blacktail: Which Do You Prefer?

    I never used red9 or blacktail, I only used the punisher(is that what its name is? I don't remember). I liked its feature that it could go through two ganados. I found it useful. Then I put some coins into upgrading its firepower a little bit and most importantly the reload speed. Plus, they...
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    Resident Evil 4 Which is the best Shotgun?

    To be honest I really like the first shotgun, nothing more nothing less. The riot shotgun and the striker really didn't interest me all that much. reading their descriptions was enough for me not to buy them, yeah I know its a very dumb reason, but hey, It worked out in the end. I would upgrade...
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    Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Sisters or El Gigante?

    I did both of them, but first I did the sisters, then El Gigante. I did both of them in one run. Before I would go through the whole map of the chainsaw sisters(after beating them), I went back and did El Gigante. It was on normal difficulty and right now I am trying to beat it on professional(...
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    Resident Evil 4 Village, church or military island?

    Well my favourite area was the Castle. It's scary, mysterious and beautiful. It reminds me of the first resident evil game. The mansion in that game was as big as this castle(it wasn't that big, but still), it was scary and mysterious. The background noises and the music were very similar to the...