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  • Uugghh not good. I hope you feel better soon! :)

    It ain't that nasty Swine Flu is it??
    Hey!! Im doin pretty good..a tad aggravated with some things on the homefront but other than that, things are pretty good. How are you doing?
    Happy Birthday! :D

    You may have noticed my abscense for over a month. My Computer crashed over a month ago. But we got a new one last week... and VOILA! I'm back! :)

    You're still aboard the RE Internet Project, right?
    So, I was scrolling through all the visitor messages and I saw Wesker say that 'Our hooker's hopeless'- of course that part stood out- Y'all have no idea how shocked I was- I was like, 'what are you too boys doing hiring hookers!! You're too young!! You could catch something you'll never get rid of!!' And then I realized that you guys are talking sports, bahaha. So, yeah, just throwing that out there. :p Carry on.
    haha we don't have the comfort of being able to pick from different people for each position :(

    There's only about 15 people that actually turn up to training so we don't even have anyone for substitutions!
    Our hooker's hopeless :(
    He's at least a foot shorter than our two props so we rarely win a scrum :L
    We've got two players from the Cheshire team playing for us and they're pretty good though :)
    Wow nice one matee :D

    I play on the Wing myself :)
    I'm actually ranked as the fastest 14 year old male in West Cheshire atm :p
    I do alot of athletics too :)

    That sounds abit bigheaded :/

    Hooker eh?
    Nahh i'll be nice and NOT post any jokes :p

    Anyways well done mate :D

    And i'm great thanks, you?
    go catch some Zzzzzz's then.
    do you go fishing alot, can't say i ever have, guess its just not my thing.
    are you starting back schookl again soon?
    No worries call me what you want lol. Things are picking up thanks, just geting prepared for he start of college soon, other than that not much going on. What about you?
    Good cheers!! You?

    BTW don't know if you've been online recently, but I've got a speedrun contest going on in the RE General Discussion forum. There's 12hours left to compete!
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