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  • Do you still want to participate in The Resident Evil Internet Movie Project (now with the working-title "Resident Evil: Raccoon City"). I'm sorry I've been away for so long, but I've had some real life problems, including school... but now I definitely have more time for the movie project and will be online here at the forum MUCH more often.

    I really hope you still want to be in this, because (if that is you in the profile pic) you would be perfect for a female Umbrella lead Scientist that appears at the end of the film. :)
    Wisdom teeth yes, that's what we call them here too (in Norwegian of course). Often the English word for something is a simple and logic translation but not always.
    I'm not so sure we get any wisdom from the wisdom teeth!! :D

    My week has been okay thank you. Tomorrow I'll babysit a nice dog because my sis is going away. :)
    How about yourself?
    I sure did! I was SO happy for him. I mean, he was the front runner by a long mile so I wasn't surprised, but he definitely deserved it.
    Oh that sounds terrible. Closed your mouth with your hands lol!
    I don't know what they're called in English, but you know those last four teeths you get at adult age. Some years ago I had to operate out two of them because they didn't have enough room so they pushed under other teeths.
    The "jags", that's the painkiller shot right? They can hurt sometimes, but what is worse than anything else is when the drill causes pain in the nerve. It hurt, even though I had got three painkiller shots.
    It went well, she gave me three shots of uhh, let's just call it "antipain" lmao. It felt like I had lost half of my face after which was pretty funny. It's a long time since last I had a cavity.

    Literature at the uni that's going to be awesome, but I for my part can't stand literature. I love books, but not literature. :)
    I'm okay thanks. I have a dentist appointment in three hours, I hope I'm okay also after that heh. What sort of school is it?
    Pardon me while I flag Cloud 9 *waves*. :D Hee hee. Thanks uber-bunches! Yes, the world needs more Chrill!
    Thank you for thinking that... really, thank you. :)

    by the way: remember that photo that you promised for tonight :), try to make yourself look scientisty and put those glasses on.
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