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Recent content by Billy Coen

  1. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Do You Prefer Playing as Leon or Claire?

    I prefer playing as Claire. I really like Brian Irons, since he is a complete psycho, the type that likes to play with his preys before killing him. Sherry's appearance also gave origin to the orphanage segment, which is a great addition to this remake, in my opinion. Running/hiding away from...
  2. Billy Coen

    What Do You Think About Silent Hill?

    A great franchise. I played some of it's games, from 1 to 4, and Origins (I didn't finish this last one). Compared to Resident Evil, it's more macabre, and the story has more of a psychological/mental base. I find it interesting the change between the normal world and the distorted one, with...
  3. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) We want resident evil 1.5

    But I still prefer the RPD of the final version, the one from Resident Evil 1.5, since it was always a police station, not a former museum, had a generic look, it could be found in any survival horror game of that area, from Dino Crisis to Parasite Eve. Another thing about Resident Evil 1.5 I...
  4. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) We want resident evil 1.5

    The police station on 1.5 had a more realistic look, since it was always a police station, not a former museum reformed to be the RPD, which was the case in Resident Evil 2. There were some RPD segments that should have been kept in the final version, like the zombie hands trying to reach your...
  5. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 4 Sr.Ramon Salazar

    Ramon Salazar, a small man with a big ego. I like that Spaniard. He provides good challenges for Leon though the Castle, whether by capturing Ashley, whether by the enemies contaminated with the Las Plagas in it's corridors, like the Novistadores and Colmillos in the maze. I find it funny when...
  6. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Sisters or El Gigante?

    Chainsaw sisters. I think El Gigante is kind of a boring enemy. With the Chainsaw sisters it's the opposite. I think they are very entertaining enemies, and the fact that only one of their hits kill Leon (since they decapitate him), makes the challenge harder, and the harder the challenge, the...
  7. Billy Coen

    Is Chris gay?

    I don't think he is, even if some people say that his once "obssesion" towards Wesker is actually love. I never saw anything in the franchise that would indicate that Chris is gay.
  8. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil: Village Item box or no item box?

    Yeah, I really like this system, it makes you think before you act, how you should administrate your inventory, which Itens you should leave in the box and which ones you should bring it with you in your jorney. And Item boxes are a trademark of the classical franchise, it would be also great...
  9. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica Which part do you prefer?

    Mansion. I like sofisticated enviroments. And that other mansion where you find Albert dressed as Alexia is creepy, same for it's music theme.
  10. Billy Coen

    Your favorite lines and quotes from the Resident Evil series

    Original Resident Evil: "Wow, what a mansion!"
  11. Billy Coen

    Best RE Moments

    Resident Evil 4: first encounter with Krauser, the quick events when Leon and him are fighting with knifes are epic.
  12. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil 4 How Do You Use the TMP?

    I use TMP as a my main weapon, against normal ganados.
  13. Billy Coen

    Resident Evil (2002) / HD Remaster (2015) Resident Evil, remake the remake?

    I would definitely buy it if they did it, but, honestly, I think the Rebirth is already perfect the way it, I see no reason to remake the original game one more time. But a remake of Code Veronica is another story...
  14. Billy Coen

    Classic RE Games

    If by "classic RE games" you mean the ones released in the PS1 era, then... 1: It was released for the Windows. 2: It was released for the Windows. 3 Nemesis: It was released for the Windows. Survivor: It was released for the Windows, but only in China.