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Recent content by berto

  1. berto

    Resident Evil 6 Costumes for Switch version

    Just letting people know, since I don't see it mentioned much, but in the Switch version you can use the extra costumes on the campaign. When you're picking a character it says the name and next to it it says default. Just click the X button on controller to switch outfits.
  2. berto

    Scariest movie you have ever seen

    I do agree with this point. Jump scares are literally like someone sneaking behind you and going boo. That's not scary. You don't punch things that are scary.
  3. berto

    Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster (Official Topic)

    It's not as simple as that. You see, in 2002 RE4 was going through several phases. The sales of the series were solid but players were starting to complain that the games all played the same, so after code Veronica they were scratching their heads as to how to fix that for the next game. Shinji...
  4. berto

    Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster (Official Topic)

    Rumor: http://www.relyonhorror.com/latest-news/source-resident-evil-2-remake-to-be-best-looking-entry-to-date/ Even if it’s only a rumor, relyonhorror is a solid and reputable place so I take their rumors with a degree of trust. Even if they turn out to be wrong I know it’s never because...
  5. berto

    Resident Evil 7 Everything wrong with RE 7.

    I hate gaming sin videos. They're a straight rip from cinema sins which is unfitting since that's a plot deconstruction series. If you're going to deconstruct a game then your focus should be the game, or at least the story and the game, not just the story.
  6. berto

    Released footage from cancelled Arklay TV Series

    I was kind of impressed, actually. Aside from the stupid old cliche of the pill pumping scruffy cop with the loose tie and possible alcoholism, it had good tempo, atmosphere, and even the characters were interesting. In it's own right a pretty damn good horror short.
  7. berto

    Released footage from cancelled Arklay TV Series

    The proof of concept. I saw that. This guy is trying to bring awareness to it as well.
  8. berto

    The Evil Within 2

    Just beat the game last night. I have mixed feelings about it but overall I thought it was pretty damn good. One of the best parts of the game turned out to be the shooting gallery games. Kind of addictive. I'm going to start my second playthrough soon and I hope it holds because there were a...
  9. berto

    So, has anyone here played the other Mikami horror shooters?

    Well, I talked about it on the Evil Within forum extensively. I'll save you long read and just give you my most condensed interpretation of my opinion. All in all, I liked it. It's a visually interesting, creative, and interesting game. It's a bit more accessible than the first game since it's...
  10. berto

    So, has anyone here played the other Mikami horror shooters?

    Evil Within 2 is out tonight. Anyone else playing?
  11. berto

    Last Person To Post Wins.

    Bring it.
  12. berto

    Resident Evil 5 Does either the PS4 or Xbox One version of RE5 have LAN/system link co-op?

    A friend of mine tried it with RE6. No it didn't, we had to connect online, but since the systems were literally a few feet from each other there was zoro lag. Even without the LAN connection there was actually no need. Either that or I just didn't get how to do that with the PS4.
  13. berto

    Resident Evil 4 Beyond the Camera

    Thanks to this we get a new Easter Egg just found recently.
  14. berto

    Revelations 1 Raymond: Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain?

    All I can think of when I see that guy is that I think he got hit in the face with a shovel, repeatedly, to look like that.