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    Revelations 2 How to play raid mod in coop online

    I found an explanation how to start raid, but it DOES NOT WORK: "to play online after downloading the latest update, start Raid Mode and head to the blue door. There you can invite a partner or seek one through matchmaking" WTF should i suppose to hit on my PC KEYBOARD to play RAID online...
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    Revelations 2 How to play raid mod in coop online

    PC. STEAM. Somebody please explain in detail how do you play raid mode with your partner online? Once i clicked raid mode, i do not see any options to join a server or search for online raid game modes!
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    After immense terror, I have finally finished Resident Evil 7

    First horror game ever completed? What do you mean? Ho old are you? What other stuff did you play, but could not finish? I can recommend some really great horror games since 1999, which i liked even more than RE7.
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    Which settings eat up most resources?

    How do you feel is this game well optimized for smooth PC performance for those who have older machines? I found out that Resident Evil 7 can run at stable 60 FPS at 1920X1080 maxed out with SMAA on a Core i5 2400 3.1 GHz/GeForce GTX670 2 GB computer, with only shadows set on high, instead of...
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    OMG how do you drive? (PC)

    WTF! What are the keyboard buttons for driving the car in the garage? How to move forward and backward? I have no idea how i rammed dad, and i tried every button to go back, but with no luck... Why do such things have to happen at the most crucial points of the game...
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    Load game - once again or restart?

    What is the difference when loading a finished game "once again" or "restart"?
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    just finished RE0 for the first time

    Just finished the game. I never imagined that in 2016 i would be playing a new Resident Evil game with tank controls. And like the rest of you, it took me 12:30 hours to finish it. So, obviously, so much backtracking for items, which accounted for that long time. Amazingly, i've managed to kill...
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    Leech zombie - immortal?

    So the leech zombies actually appear twice... Two appear in the west wing, and two appear in the east wing (Marcus estate). I already finished the game, gonna do it again on hard mode. And indeed, this was a classic, tank controls with updated graphics - does not get any better than that.
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    Leech zombie - immortal?

    Playing HD version. After i exploded the LZ to bits in the toilet corridor, i came back to that place to pick up some items in the toilet, and the LZ appeared again! What? I clearly killed him, so WTF is going on? Why is he appearing all over again in the same place? Does the computer generate...
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    Revelations 2 Do you prefer Barry or Claires scenarios?

    Barry's scenarios were more dull - more revisited places, and the biggest problem was the weakling monsters. I was disappointed that Barry never got to face monsters as strong as Claire did with the exception of one rare specimen. Barry's missions were nice at the end - i thought the gas mine...
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    Uncategorised Snake boss urgent help

    i can't believe you are using Barry's quote as a recommendation for gameplay. I am scared to ask if that is true or a joke...
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    Revelations 2 Keyboard and mouse dissapear

    It happens at the start of fighting between Wesker and Barry. I can use escape to enter menu, and in the menu mouse and keyboard work, but just as i return to gameplay, not a thing! I only see the mouse cursor and i can move it, but i can not control Barry in any way with a mouse or a keyboard...
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    Uncategorised Snake boss urgent help

    I think the shotgun is only good in close range, not only against zombies, but against all creatures, meaning it's power decreases at range exponentially - that would explain why i needed so many slugs. While this is well observed in many games, especially this penalty is "keen" in Resident...
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    Uncategorised Snake boss urgent help

    I am playing the HD remake on real survival difficulty. Seems there is no difference in monster hit points comparing to other modes, difficulty lies obviously elsewhere, but the snake boss has a tremendous amount of hit points when you encounter it for the second time. The thing is, in order to...
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    Uncategorised How do you push on PC HD remake?

    I've corrected the thread title. I know you can not dodge zombies like in Resident Evil 3. I only want to push them away after the first bite. Bashing all the buttons at the same time is getting pretty old... However, i now have tested and know that in order to push you need to use only the...