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  • Yeah I have played the Metal gear Solid games on ps1 & 2 but not ps3 ones just yet, but I like to get that tho.
    True that, chris & wesker? that would be awsum to play but yeah,thats cool then Sweetie. yeah Iill look up to it. :)
    hehehe :lol: True that.
    Metal gear solid. I reckon all of those games gets harder and harder.
    Marvel Vs Capcom 3, whats that like? is that with comic book characters vs street fighter characters?. Herd about that but dnt know when that will come out.
    Hey there, just wanted to say Hi and how are you (hehehe)
    I suppose it was too too late for saying Happy Birthday while your other good friends said it the right time. :( damn! lol. I should of went on here months and months ago. but oh well anyway how are you doing in your games? just asking :)
    11 days?? Man that's too long for me :p

    Hell, I know you're gonna celebrate when you know it's time to get dirty again. :lol:
    Grillin' tonight my good man! It's heatin' up here in Bama, so it's time to bring out the grill. :lol: What's goin' on down there in Miami? Smoked anything good lately, lol?
    Cool cool.

    Haha..that's what I'm doin' right now, smokin'. :lol:

    Busy, busy day today. As soon as I get done with this I gotta leave again.
    It depends what ya do on home. It's great for meeting other gamers and they have some fun games to play with other people like bowling and even some cool places you can go to like they have an RE5 level you can go to and hang out in.

    In Central Park, they have a dance floor and we sometimes line up and do a big dance, lol.
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