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    Rank women of Resident Evil from strongest to weakest

    there is no list, there's jill valentne then there's everyone else lol
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    What's everybody playing?

    splitting my time between warzone and ff7 remake.
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    Best zombie movie?

    Shaun if the dead
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    What's everybody playing?

    Red dead 2 online. Trying to like it but struggling. Needs a lot of work before the final release
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    Resident Evil reboot

    There was once a rumour of a Netflix series instead of a reboot movie franchise. I feel that if Netflix got their hands on it given the high standard of their own shoes I feel Netflix could do it justice
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    Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster (Official Topic)

    Anyone else booking release day off work? I sure am and plan to binge play for a solid 12 hours straight
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    What are you Thinking? Resident Evil Edition!

    I’m much as I don’t want to wish my year away, goddamn I wish I was playing re2 remake right now.
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    What's everybody playing?

    Surprised this hasn’t been spammed with red dead 2 posts. Well I’ll kick it off, I’m playing through red dead 2 , and oh good this game is. Only a small portion in and I’m ready to give this best game of this console generation title
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    What are you watching?

    Went to the cinema today to see the new Halloween, was surprisingly good, and really enjoyed how they flipped the script and had Michael as the “prey” and I’ve also really gotten into the new Netflix Sabrina series. Hugely different to the old series, so much darker
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    haven't quite finished it, but very close. Spiderman ps4. such a good take on Spiderman, the story is very immersive and the boss fights are very very good.
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    What's everybody playing?

    back to my previous comment, I'm now balls deep into spiderman. around 65% completed towards the trophies. loving it so far, it's a relatively easy game to platinum by the looks of it
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    What are you watching?

    I'm re-watching workaholics, literally my favourite TV show of all time. it's just so ridiculous.
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    What's everybody playing?

    Off topic but so hyped for spider man. I pre oredred through shopto who have a history of delivering a day early. Order status is dispatched so fingers crossed I get it tomorrow morning if so i’ll Be conviniently sick and have to call work
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    Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    I like it, very eerie! Kinda reminds me of remake
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    Remake of the remake???? Capcom haven’t ruled out a remake of the original remake as “enough time has passed”. Personally I’d love to see this but hope they set their sights on re3/CVX remake first...