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  • i see you say i love to cheat hu well i DO NOT dude i dont like it really i think it is dumb for anyone to cheat unless a game is done
    because i lied to all the people on the fourm last time and i feel realy bad about it so i want my real scores to be know as my true ones because they arnt lies they are real iand i feel bad that i lied on the fourm..........................btw do you know how to make trainers for games pc
    o ya bye the way do you belive my mercs scores and that i took a save for the handcannon thats all i did but i am working on pro with my guns and stuff from the save and my merc scores are real do you belive me i am so dead seriouse do you trust me on this
    Hey, sorry about getting mad at you on that Resident Evil 6 forum. Or , really, acting like it. Sometimes, I get really opinionated over stuff. I joined a forum that had some people that were real jerks about what I thought about some stuff, and got so mad that I started getting angry for ideas that I am not very supportive of.
    yo please do check out my 2 threads should the t virus come back or stick with gandos that 1 thread other is on the portable
    but i lost my data now it is backed up to my comp and was acsedently deleted of my wii and my sd is broken so i eather start over or wait till i get it back so i am waitin to get it back i really am no cheater i promise i wont ever lie on any fourm if you forgive me and you are right i forgot i didnt remember that clearly i didnt try to lie i really forgot
    not not really i really do not cheat till i complete an entire game after i complete the game i then use cheats and play around with the game thats all i do i dont cheat on wii games or anythin i really have no reson to cheat untill i finish an entire game then i just play around with da cheats cheats who cheat before they play a game a rock solid lamos i only asked for a save at da residents to tell me because i couldent get there i forgot why i asked i got so far
    ok look i have the prl and handcannon but.... they are not from my own save i have them in another save file i mean i have the chicago typer that i got on my own and all that stuff but on another save i have the handcannon and so no my fourms ar not all liees the only one that was a lie was the on on ranks i was wonderin if i can put my real ranks on mercs ranks i wrote them they are 4 wesker and they are stars 4-5 please and i shall post up my true scores if it is ok
    i would feel like an idiot for havin very low scores but that lie didnt help it only made things worse i hope you forgive me
    i am sorry for my fraud ranks do forgive i really shouldent have done that i will post my real ones soon i play as wesker only anyway butt i will post all scores i get i am really sorry please give me a chance to redemm myself and my name to da fourm
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