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  • Well maybe if you read the thread 'its christmas' before you made you made a stupid attempt to boost your ego, you would have seen that I made a post stating that I didnt see the topic. and yes you are a fool and I'll comment back as much as I want, just dont post in my topics, simple.
    Hades can you log into your editor account? I appear to be locked out of mine.
    Sigh*...my other firend just got me off facebook too...(blocked me)...I seriously hate my life now...I don't even want to play PS3...I hate everything...I hate friends...they don't like you for who you are...they just hang out with you untill they can't bare your personality and then dump you...~~~
    I've got a speedrun contest on the RE discussion forum ^__^ just if you're interested, from now until Saturday night
    Not saying you spam I mean some people has like 4000 posts =p~~~
    They don't spam too, I'm just saying that I find it hard to join conversations sometimes =p~~~
    Sometimes, I just wonder how you can get up to 2000 posts =.=...~~~
    I've been here for a year and I got less than 2 hundred...~~~
    Wow, I just noticed that you joined exactly two months after I joined =p~~~
    I just remember how you, me, A_wesker123, nemesis and all the others replying on a post and also replies and chatting on the post I created about Love Problems =p~~~

    Good times =p~~~
    Haha yeah iHadeSsSb you were kinda considered a new member before like a few months back I dont' remember =p~~~

    And I miss the what I would call "original" members =p~~~
    Hmm guess its' either work or studies =s~~~
    Hey man, you probably wouldn't remember me. Just wanna ask, why don't I see any of our like "old members" I didn't go on for a few months and every just quits??~~~
    I was thinking about RE5 for PC but my PC's a bit old and it probs won't work on it.

    RE0 was about £13 and I got it from the Amazon.co.uk Marketplace :)
    RE0 and RE2 came through the post today!! Yay!! I have a job now (finally) but when I have spare time I'll try to complete them!

    RE: CVX is also on the way :D Then I have all the main series games except RE5 (cuz I'm too cheap for a PS2 or XBox... but if my bf gets his XBox 360 fixed I'ma gettin' Dead Rising and RE5)

    RE Director's Cut is also on the way :D I can't WAIT for that :D
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