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    Resident Evil 7 trailer welcomes you home

    I'm going to be honest. When I first found out that RE7 was going to be first person, I hated the idea and I was certain that I wasn't going to buy it. BUT as I started watching all the trailers and short gameplays, I'm very excited to play it. :P
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    What are some of your favorites Resident Evil files?

    I have a few but I'll just mention my two favorites. 1.Keeper's Diary (RE1) I love this part: "When I was scratching the swelling on my arms, a lump of rotten flesh dropped off. What the hell is happening to me?" and "Fever gone but itchy. Hungry and eat doggy food. Itchy Itchy Scott came. Ugly...
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    What is your favourite resident evil?

    My favorite is the REmake as well. Alongside with 4. Both are great games.
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    I need help before buying a ps4

    Oh okay and about the sockets, I have everything figured out. I have this thing that I'm not sure how it's called in English. I thinks it's called an electric/power transformer/converter.
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    I need help before buying a ps4

    No, I don't plan to stay. I want to buy it over there because here in Argentina, it's too expensive. What kind of problem are you talking about? :)
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    I need help before buying a ps4

    Thanks guys! I have a feeling that I will end up connecting it sooner or later.
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    What Are You Listening to?

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    Christmas gifts 2016

    I got nothing material but I did get something special, my mother. My mom went through a serious surgery two weeks ago and we had to spend a lot of money on that, so we couldn't buy each other anything. But she came out fine. I love her and I cannot be happier :) Maybe next year I'll get cool...
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    I need help before buying a ps4

    Next year I'm travelling to the US and I'm planning to buy myself a ps4. I have to mention that my last console was the nintendo wii so I have no clue what's up with the updates, patches, and all that stuff. lol I feel like a grandfather trying to learn about how to use a computer for the first...
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    Happy holidays!!! ^_^

    Happy holidays!!! ^_^
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    Don't do that, that's completely unhealthy. If you don't die, you will have health problems in the long run.
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    What are you watching?

    This and Terminator 2 are two of my favorites :D
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    Revelations 2 Who would you like the next spin-off game (Revelations 3?) to feature?

    I would like Billy to return. He's such a badass.
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    What are you watching?

    Well, the only show I watch on tv is The Walking Dead and yesterday, I started watching One Punch Man. No wait, I lied. I also watch WWE.