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  • No prob~ x3

    Serif PhotoPlus? :eek: i thought photoshop? is it way great than PS? x]
    if it was than i'll download it hehe xD
    Haha, he didn't stand a chance here. LFF banned him already while I was looking at the evidence. We are 100% sure it was him. Please alert one of us mods if you see something suspicious again, it's not unlikely that he'll try again. I don't got the time to read every new post on the board, and the RE5 forum is not where I spend most time (I have never played RE5).
    I'll go and delete that post I asked about.
    I'm in the process of cleaning OT posts from your topics, 99% of it has to do with The Wesker Child, but I found a couple other, older OT posts as well. I hope you're satisfied when I'm done, at least I'll be satisfyed meself. :p

    I hope I'm not too strict with the off-topic policy. I just believe it's right to keep a higher standard in FAQ topics.
    Hey man rockin guides dude, dont give wesker child any more of your time lol its not worth it. His argument makes no logical sense what-so-ever and like Romero's sig says "you get into an argument with an idiot they'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience". If it were me or i'd be willing to bet anyone else on here that devoted that much time and effort to help the community here at REN, i'd/they'd have reacted the same way, so dont beat yourself up about it either. The kid made it sound like he didnt have control over his body and was forced to click on the guides and use them against his will lmao... I cant imagine what possessed him to think like that, i've never heard such a dispute in my life lol.

    Anyways i'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to compile all that information together as i'm absolutely certain its helped out a great number of people :)
    Hello, nice to have you back.
    I'm sorry I was AFK when I received the report from Magnolia about The Wesker Child tonight. But LFF caught him so it's ok.

    It's quite a mess in your guide threads now, I think I should maybe delete some crap there. IMO a guide shouldn't be full of OT crap talk.

    Although the best is to leave idiots alone, I do not blame you for responding to him, you did so in a cool and civil way. It's all his fault.
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