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  • Pretty good, I just saw The Taking Of Pelham 123, with John Travolta & Denzel Washington, prett great movie.:) How are you?
    Yeah that was a pretty special boulder.:)

    But during that part of the game, when you have to rapidly press the buttons, I actually found it to be funny, so I started laughing and it interferred with my button mashing.:)
    Birkin wasn't much of an antagonist before his mutation, but yeah his first form, where he shadows his human appearance but has the arms and talons and all.:) They were the dynamic duo for sure, I loved them in RE0, and I wish we could have seen more of them...

    I have a top 5 thing I usually do:
    1. Wesker
    2. William
    3. Spencer
    4 & 5. Alternate among the these three, Chris, Jill & Claire.:)

    What is your top 5?
    My favorite game is probably REameke. My favorite character...well I would have said Wesker with no doubt, as he was my fav, but his recent appearances have really lowered him for me. I might still go with him, but I think that him and Birkin together are my favorite.:) My favorite enemy is Birkin in his 1st form.

    What are yours?
    Very interesting choice of name, to think somebody would get their username from a file in a RE game is pretty cool. I always thought nobody looked at the files besides me.
    Hey, I have enjoyed chatting with you on some of the threads, so I figured why not make it an official friendship.:)
    i have played the game.
    but i dont read the files.
    and i didnt know he was kidnapped either.
    Hello :)

    You seem to know your stuff about Resi Evil :p

    I was just reading your messages about '013' on Weskerfans profile page. I honestly had no idea about that file. I'll sure as hell go check it out now though. :D

    Anyways, see ya around that forums!
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