Resident Evil 2 ‘4th Survivor’ trailer reintroduces us to HUNK

Returning Resident Evil 2 favourite, HUNK, has once more been let loose in Raccoon City with his familiar arsenal of zombie-slaying tools. First debuting in the original Resident Evil 2, the Umbrella operative quickly garnered a dedicated fan following and was last spotted in spin-off game Operation Racoon City, but it was in the ‘4th Survivor’ bonus mission that the mysterious soldier carved out a name for himself. Now, almost two decades later, HUNK returns with a reimagined bonus survival mode for fans to conquer after completing either Leon’s ‘B-scenario’ or Claire’s ‘B-scenario’. HUNK’s mission is to exfiltrate Raccoon City with a sample of Birkin’s diabolical G-Virus pathogen.

Check out the video below to better learn of the hazards that await HUNK as must escape the city with both his life and Umbrella’s biological asset.



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