Resident Evil 2 Remake to receive free ‘Ghost Survivors’ DLC mode in February

For those looking to sink their teeth into even more Resident Evil 2 content, Capcom has you covered with the upcoming ‘Ghost Survivors’ free DLC pack set for release on February 15 on all platforms. In ‘Ghost Survivors’, we are able to play out the separate stories of three doomed victims from the original story mode: Robert Kendo, the Kendo Gunshop owner; Katherine Warren, the Mayor’s daughter; and ‘the soldier’. Their individual plotlines will serve as ‘what if’ scenarios whereby we may see the trio escape their grim fates as their tales diverge from the canonical narrative. The characters’ unique mission packs will be titled, No Time to Mourn, Runaway and Forgotten Soldier, respectively.

Included below are three teaser screenshots to provide a hint as to what to expect when the ‘Ghost Survivors’ DLC releases next month.

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