Resident Evil 2 ‘Classic REbirth’ unofficial patch fixes bugs and adds new features to RE2 on PC

Resident Evil 2 for PC has not aged well as a result of several unforeseen operating system releases since its release back in 1999, with Windows 98 being the latest bleeding edge offering from Microsoft at the time. And with the surfacing of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and now 10, the ported classic has struggled to sustain compatibility across the many newer platforms. However, ROM hacking veteran Gemini has gone to the efforts of modernising the Windows port of Resident Evil 2 and introducing some very welcome next-gen comforts whilst also squashing numerous lingering bugs:

  • A full English translation (movies will still retain Japanese game title and subtitles).
  • Adds XInput support, which replaces the old WinMM legacy module. Shoulder triggers and directional pad will be recognized correctly.
  • Adds support for resolutions beyond 640×480 and also adds borderless fullscreen mode if you desktop resolution is below or equal to 2560×1440. Press F8 to cycle through them.
  • Fixes all lag issues found on Windows 10 due to broken DirectDraw emulation.
  • Fixes issues with music being mute when it’s supposed to play (i.e. RPD outdoor areas and Marvin’s office).
  • Adds support for extended modding via archives and DLLs that can be used to change game behavior.

The patch will only work for the ‘SourceNext’ Windows port of Resident Evil 2, and the game must already have been officially patched to v1.1.0, but applying this additional — but again: unofficial — patch will help mitigate many of the Windows 10 woes that have plagued PC gamers looking to fire up what had already long been considered the definitive version of the game. Installation of the unofficial patch consists of a very simple drag ‘n’ drop of a DLL file into the game’s installation directory.

The patch in its entirely is available to download for free via

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