Resident Evil 2 TGS 2018 trailer and screenshots RE-introduce us to Ada Wong, Chief Brian Irons, Annette Birkin and HUNK

It’s been just over 19 years since the classic Resident Evil 2 made waves on the Sony PlayStation, but it would seem that time has been good to the cast as they re-emerge looking better than ever in the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake.  The new trailer and screenshots that were released as part of the Tokyo Games Show 2018 event help to shine a light on many of the familiar faces that long-term fans will no doubt remember during their original tour of virus-torn Raccoon City. Series favourite Ada Wong leads the trailer with a strong but mysterious presence as she investigates the goings on during the aftermath of Umbrella’s experiments gone awry.

These latest screenshots and the previous trailers and gameplay videos would suggest that not only are returning characters getting a complete next-gen visual overhaul but perhaps a narrative overhaul, also. We have seen RPD officer Marvin appear quite predominantly in previous videos and now once more in the chilling corridor screenshot above, so it would not be unrealistic to speculate that perhaps this ill-fated samaritan may have a larger role to play in Resident Evil 2 Remake. HUNK, a Resident Evil 2 mainstay with an arguably minor role in the original game — discounting his unlockable side-story mission — also appears to be receiving a little extra narrative padding as part of his return, if the purposefully garbled combat shots are anything to go by. We fear that the enigmatic mercenary and his squad’s encounter with Birkin — aka ‘G’ — may not fare well, judging by the recovered footage of one ‘Kirkpatrick’.


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